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Cordon Selections

It is with much sadness that I have to post this message.  After 11 plus years, Cordon Selections Inc. is closing our doors.  We have had the opportunity to work with an amazing array of talented people.  Our employees have been outstanding.  Over the years we were able to work with some of the most respected wines in the world, and as well an excellent number of importers.  The support from our suppliers has been nothing short of incredible.

What can I say about our customers, except THANK YOU.  You have supported us since the very beginning.  We consider those relationships to be priceless.  I hope to be able to continue to share delicious food and amazing wines with you in the future.

I also want to thank the founders of Cordon Selections Inc. Matt Mabus and Ben Luebbers.  What a great opportunity you provided for me to realize my dream.  Food and wine has been a passion of mine for many, many years.  I cannot think of a better place to truly experience this.

We have a small crew to wind down our operations over the next few months.

Thank you again, and CHEERS!!!

Au revoir
Auf Wiedersehen


Ken Avedisian