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Wine Bottles



A wine collection often represents a significant investment and a valued asset. Cordon will prepare an accurate, real time appraisal for legal, insurance, and estate planning.

Personalized and Customized Wine Services

Cordon takes pride in learning individual collector’s wine collection goals and customizing programs that enhance your wine enjoyment experience in ownership, purchase, liquidation, management, maintenance, and security. Our greatest pleasure is having you enjoy your collection that we help you manage.

Inventory Management

Cordon prepares a physical inventory of each bottle in your collection and then organizes your collection by varietal and region. Using Cellar Tracker and other online and print management tools, we provide best in class estimates of values, scores, and suggested drink by dates. This information helps inform you and keep you updated as your cellar and drinking preferences change on a real-time basis.

Cellar Maintenance

Cordon keeps your collection’s inventory current with periodic visits whose frequency is arranged in advance with each collector. Visits are focused on keeping your collection current and organized. We update you with any changes as well as provide you with recommendations on wines to drink and sell. A component of this work is cellar design – we work with you to construct the ideal cellar for you, your family and friends, and coordinate the implementation of the physical cellar and the wine that fills its shelves.

Acquisition & Sales

Out of space, changes in taste and preference, downsizing? Cordon helps you get the highest price for your wine through our various sales and auction channels. If you are interested in acquiring wine to add to your collection, for an event or for current enjoyment, we can assist you in purchasing the most suitable wines. As part of the transaction process, Cordon will provide an appraisal of the potential sale to help you make a final sales decision.

Move Coordination

Moving can cause unexpected challenges. Cordon helps you organize the packing, shipment and populating your collection in your new home.

Disaster Relief

As part of Cordon’s cellar maintenance program, we assist in providing ideas and solutions related to earthquake, fire, and other natural disasters. We work with you to discuss and plan procedures in the case of emergency and contingencies to protect your wine collection.

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