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About Us

Ken Avedisian has long had a passion for wine and food.  He is a co-founder of A Culinary Evening with The California Winemasters (one of the largest single day charity wine and food events benefitting The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank.  He has also been active on the National Board of Directors of The American Institute of Wine & Food with Julia Child and Robert Mondavi.  In his professional life, he spent several years as  Sales Director at the largest internet wine auction site,  Ken also was the President of Cordon Selections, Inc. a premier full-service wine distributor/importer.


As a wine enthusiast for 40 years, Ken identified a growing demand to manage and order the chaotic world of wine collecting. Recognized by the industry as a wine cellar management expert, Ken is proving to the wine world why such a need for his services exists. While import and distribution were core Cordon offerings in the past, Cordon now offers collectors a stem to stern offering that takes cellar management hassles away, organizes collections according to taste and preference and helps collectors purchase and sell wine at appropriate times. Cordon provides a menu of unique wine services to hundreds of collectors with all types and sizes of collections around the country. Cordon’s extensive wine knowledge and industry experience result in superior service and advice for your wine collection needs.


Cordon has assisted hundreds of prominent collectors worldwide to achieve their acquisition, collection, management, and sales goals. Whether your needs are for a single activity, or you require recurrent service, Cordon Selections is the right choice for your wine cellar.


Contact us to so we can help you with your wine cellar and collection.

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